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Top 5 Trending Gifts For Any Dog Lover


Dogs or cats? The greatest question of them all. Know someone who crosses the street to the other side just to get a better look at the husky? How about someone who will voluntarily sit on the floor to pet golden retriever? Chances are, at least one person came to mind. Maybe It was even yourself. But sometimes there isn’t a dog near you to pet, luckily, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 trending dog gifts to help show your love.


You know how a dog wags its tail when it is happy? So does this clock, which is basically all the time. Choose between any breed, and even a cross between 2. For example, a labradoodle! Ever seen one of those beauties?

                                         Labradoodle Dog Wagging Pendulum Clock


Some pillows are meant for dogs to sleep on, and some are meant for you as a dog lover. With each pillow handmade and the option to have it down stuffed, you can be sure that your pillow will best represent your loved pet – Fluffy AND cute!

http://www.giftedparrot.com/boomer-decorative-pillow/Jack Russell Decorative Pillow

3.Wine glasses and bottle stoppers

My aspirations in life include petting a golden retriever while drinking some red wine. How I plan to do it? With this dog wine glass because I love a) my pupper b) myself. Once I’m done the wine, you better believe I’m using a dog wine stopper to do the trick.

                                        Brown Dog /Poker player Hand Blown Wine Glass

4.Figurines and Sculptures

Your doggo (search this up, it’s a word. I did my research) may be a little on the unique side of things. In that case, get a unique gift! Bet you’ve never seen a dog statue made of forks and spoons. Well, now you have. Thoughts? Add it in your kitchen, in your office, sleep with it, who cares, IT’S AWESOME.

                                                      Fork and Spoon Dog Statue

5.Bottle holder

You didn’t think we forgot about the bottle holders now, did you? I’m sensing a common theme around here at this point. Regardless, we got you covered. Get one with shaggy ears, one that sits or one that is wagging its tail. The choice is yours and trust me, you’ve got a lot of choices to satisfy you needs.    

                                                Standing Dog Wine Bottle Holder

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